counterfeit | engleski leksikon

1. counterfeit


Sinonimi: imitative

ETYM French contrefait, p. p. of contrefaire to counterfeit; contre (Latin contra) + faire to make, from Latin facere. Related to Counter, and Fact.
Not genuine; imitating something superior; SYN. imitative.

counterfeit | engleski leksikon

2. counterfeit


1. That which falsely resembles or is like another thing; a likeness; a portrait; a counterpart.
2. That which is made in imitation of something, with a view to deceive by passing the false for the true.
3. One who pretends to be what he is not; one who impersonates another; an impostor; a cheat.

counterfeit | engleski leksikon

3. counterfeit


1. To carry on a deception; to dissemble; to feign; to pretend.
2. To make counterfeits (esp., to make counterfeit money).

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