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1. RIP


Abbreviation for requiescat in pace (Latin “may he/she rest in peace”).

rip | engleski leksikon

2. rip


Sinonimi: riptide | tide rip | crosscurrent | rent | split | tear

ETYM Cf. Icel. hrip a box or basket; perhaps akin to Eng. corb. Related to Ripier.
1. A stretch of turbulent water in the sea; SYN. riptide, tide rip, crosscurrent.
2. An opening made forcibly as by pulling apart; SYN. rent, split, tear.

RIP | engleski leksikon

3. RIP


1. Acronym for Routing Information Protocol. An Internet protocol, defined in RFC 1058, that defines the exchange of routing table information. Through RIP, each router on a network sends its routing table to its nearest neighbor every 30 seconds. Under RIP, routing is determined by the number of hops between source and destination. RIP is an interior gateway protocol (a protocol used by gateways for exchanging routing information). Because it is not the most efficient of routing protocols, it is being replaced by the more efficient Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) protocol. See also Bellman-Ford distance-vector routing algorithm, communications protocol, interior gateway protocol, OSPF.
2. See raster image processor.
(abbreviation for raster image processor) Program in a laser printer (or other high-resolution printer) that converts the stream of printing instructions from a computer into the pattern of dots that make up the printed page. A separate program is required for each type of printer and for each page description language (such as PostScript or PCL).
RIPs are very demanding programs because of the complexity of a typical printed page. It is not unusual for RIPs to run on extremely fast and powerful RISC microprocessors, which are sometimes more powerful than the processor in the computer attached to the printer.

rip | engleski leksikon

4. rip


Sinonimi: tear

1. To cut (wood) along the grain.
2. To move precipitously or violently; SYN. tear.

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