sound | engleski leksikon

1. sound


1. In good condition; free from defect or damage or decay
2. Free from moral defect
3. Thorough
4. Financially secure and safe

sound | engleski leksikon

2. sound


Sinonimi: noise | auditory sensation | noise

Physiological sensation received by the ear, originating in a vibration that communicates itself as a pressure variation in the air and travels in every direction, spreading out as an expanding sphere. All sound waves in air travel with a speed dependent on the temperature; under ordinary conditions, this is about 330 m/1,070 ft per second. The pitch of the sound depends on the number of vibrations imposed on the air per second, but the speed is unaffected. The loudness of a sound is dependent primarily on the amplitude of the vibration of the air.
The lowest note audible to a human being has a frequency of about 20 hertz (vibrations per second), and the highest one of about 15,000 Hz; the lower limit of this range varies little with the person's age, but the upper range falls steadily from adolescence onward.
1. The sudden occurrence of an audible event; SYN. noise.
2. The particular auditory effect produced by a given cause; or
3. The subjective sensation of hearing something; SYN. auditory sensation, noise.
4. Audible vibrations transmitted through the air (or other medium)
5. A large ocean inlet or deep bay

Sound | engleski leksikon

3. Sound


, the (Swedish and Danish Řresund) Strait dividing SW Sweden from Denmark and linking the Kattegat strait and the Baltic Sea; length 113 km/70 mi; width between 5–60 km/3–37 mi.

sound | engleski leksikon

4. sound


Sinonimi: go

ETYM Old Eng. sounen, sownen, Old Fren. soner, suner, French sonner, from Latin sonare. Related to Sound a noise.
1. To make a certain noise or sound; SYN. go.
2. To give off a certain sound or sounds.
3. To cause to sound.
4. To announce by means of a sound.
5. To appear in a certain way.

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