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1. band


ETYM Old Eng. band, bond, Icel. band; akin to German, Swed., and Dutch band, Old High Germ. bant, Goth. bandi, Skr. bandha a binding, bandh to bind, for bhanda, bhandh, also to Eng. bend, bind. Related to Bind, Bend, Bond, Bandy.
(Homonym: banned).
1. A strip or stripe of a contrasting color or material; SYN. banding, stripe.
2. A stripe of contrasting color; SYN. stria, striation.
3. Band of radio frequencies for e.g. transmitting a TV signal; SYN. frequency band.
4. A group of musicians.
5. A strip wrapped around something to hold it together.
6. Something elongated that is worn around the body or one of the limbs.

band | engleski leksikon

2. band


Music group, usually falling into a special category: for example, military, comprising woodwind, brass, and percussion; brass, solely brass and percussion; marching, a variant of brass; dance and swing, often like a small orchestra; jazz, with no fixed instrumentation; rock and pop, generally electric guitar, bass, and drums, variously augmented; and steel, from the West Indies, in which percussion instruments made from oil drums sound like marimbas.

band | engleski leksikon

3. band


1. In printing graphics, a rectangular portion of a graphic sent by the computer to a printer. The technique of dividing a graphic into bands prevents a printer from having to reconstruct an entire image in memory before printing it. 2. In communications, a contiguous range of frequencies used for a particular purpose, such as radio or television broadcasts.

band | engleski leksikon

4. band


To bind or tie together, as with a band.

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