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1. go around


1. To be sufficient.
2. Said of information: to spread; to circulate.
3. When people or things follow a circular path and return to the same place, they go around.
4. When people or things follow an indirect or curved path in order to avoid an obstacle or to change direction, they go around or go around the
5. When an object spins or turns, it goes around.
6. When you go around a place, you visit various parts of it.
7. When you go around a place, you visit various parts of it.
8. When you go around doing something, you go to various places and deliberately do something that may bother or upset other people.
9. something goes around, it spreads to various parts of a larger place.
10. When something is being distributed to a group of people and there is enough for everyone, there is enough to go around.

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