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Granada značenje | engleski prevodilac

Granada značenje | engleski prevodilac


IPA: / ɡrənɑːdə /

Množina: Granadas


(Spain) City in the Sierra Nevada in Andalusia, S Spain; It produces textiles, soap, and paper. The Alhambra, a fortified hilltop palace, was built in the 13th and 14th centuries by the Moorish kings.
Founded by the Moors in the 8th century, it became the capital of an independent kingdom 1236–1492, when it was the last Moorish stronghold to surrender to the Spaniards.
Ferdinand and Isabella, the first sovereigns of a united Spain, are buried in the cathedral (built 1529–1703).
(Nicaragua) Nicaraguan city on the northwestern shore of Lake Nicaragua; It has shipyards and manufactures sugar, soap, clothing, and furniture. Founded 1523, it is the oldest city in Nicaragua.
1. A city in southeastern Spain; site of the Alhambra (a palace and fortress built by Moslems in the Middle Ages) which is now a major tourist attraction.
2. City in Minnesota (USA); zip code 56039.
3. Town in Colorado (USA); zip code 81041.

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