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zemljoradnička zadruga [ ženski rod ]

Oblik udruživanja ratara.

collective farm [ imenica ]
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A farm operated collectively.
Farm in which a group of farmers pool their land, domestic animals, and agricultural implements, retaining as private property enough only for the members' own requirements. The profits of the farm are divided among its members. In cooperative farming, farmers retain private ownership of the land.
Collective farming was first developed in the USSR in 191where it became general after 193Stalin's collectivization drive 1929–wrecked a flourishing agricultural system and alienated the Soviet peasants from the land: million people were left homeless, 1 million of whom were sent to labor camps and some million deported to Siberia. In subsequent years, millions of those peasants forced into collectives died. Collective farming is practiced in other countries; it was adopted from 19in China, and Israel has a large number of collective farms (see kibbutz).

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