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železnička pruga [ ženski rod {železnica} ]

railroad [ imenica ]
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Method of transport in which trains convey passengers and goods along a twin rail track (at first made of wood but later of iron or steel with ties wedging them apart and relatively parallel). Following the work of English steam pioneers such as James Watt, George Stephenson built the first public steam railroad, from Stockton to Darlington, 182This heralded extensive railroad building in Britain, continental Europe, and North America, providing a fast and economical means of transport and communication. After World War II, steam engines were replaced by electric and diesel engines. At the same time, the growth of road building, air services, and automobile ownership destroyed the supremacy of the railroads.
In North America the growth of railroads, such as the Union Pacific, during the 19th century made shipping from the central and western territories economical and helped the North to win the American Civil War. Railroads were extended into Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and Latin America in the late 19th century and were used for troop and supply transport in both world wars. With the increasing use of automobiles and truck freight lines after World War II, and the demise of steam, rising costs on the railroads meant higher fares, fewer passengers, and declining freight traffic. By 19many train services in the US had been discontinued or were under threat of extinction. Short-run commuter services survived and economical train trips are being reestablished to help counter automotive pollution. High-speed trains, developed in the 1970s, continue to serve passenger needs between large urban centers. Elsewhere in the world superfast trains running on specially built tracks, such as the Shinkansen (Japan) and
TGV (France) networks, are important to public transportation.

railway [ imenica {železnica} ]
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The commercial organization responsible for operating a railway system; SYN. railroad, railroad line, railway line, railway system.
Railroad; especially; a railroad operating with light equipment or within a small area

wagon-road [ imenica ]
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wagon-way [ imenica ]
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