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zečja usna [ ženski rod ]

Urođena deformacija gornje usne, rešava se operacijom.

cleft lip [ imenica ]
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A congenital cleft in the middle of the upper lip; SYN. harelip, cheiloschisis.
A birth defect characterized by one or more clefts in the upper lip resulting from failure of the embryonic parts of the lip to unite — called also harelip.

harelip [ imenica ]
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A lip, commonly the upper one, having a fissure of perpendicular division like that of a hare, resulting in a speech impediment.
A person with a harelip.
Congenital facial deformity, a cleft in the upper lip and jaw, which may extend back into the palate (cleft palate). It can be remedied by surgery.

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