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Prevod reči: zamagliti

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zamagliti [ glagol ]

adumbrate [ glagol ]
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ETYM Latin adumbratus, p. p. of adumbrare; ad + umbrare to shade; umbra shadow.
To foreshadow; to give a premonition of.
To give a faint shadow or slight representation of; to outline.
To overshadow; to shade.
Indicate faintly; foreshadow.
Shadow forth; outline; sketch out.

bedim [ glagol ]
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To make less bright
To make indistinct; obscure

befog [ glagol ]
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To cover with a fog.
To confuse; to mystify.

bemist [ glagol ]
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black out [ glagol ]
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To darken completely; SYN. blacken out.
To obliterate or extinguish, of lights.
To suppress by censorship; of reporting, as for political reasons. blackout

blur [ glagol ]
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To become vague or indistinct; SYN. dim, slur.
To make dim or indistinct; SYN. blear.
To make less distinct or clear.

blear [ glagol ]
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To make (the eyes) sore or watery
Dim, blur

mist [ glagol ]
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To become covered with mist; SYN. mist over.
To spray finely or cover with mist.

fog [ glagol ]
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ETYM Etymol. uncertain.
To create a mist or a fog; to cover with mist or fog.
(Agriculture) To pasture cattle on the fog, or aftergrass, of; to eat off the fog from.

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