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1. bewilder


Sinonimi: bemuse | discombobulate | throw

To cause to be confused emotionally; SYN. bemuse, discombobulate, throw.

2. bollix

glagolarhaično, zastarelo

To throw into disorder; also; bungle — usually used with up

3. bollux

glagolarhaično, zastarelo

4. embarrass


Sinonimi: abash

To cause to be embarrassed; cause to feel self-conscious; SYN. abash.

5. puddle


1. To form a puddle
2. To make a puddle by splashing water.
3. To play in a liquid or paste
4. To wade or dabble in a puddle, as of ducks or geese.
5. To dip into mud before planting, of young plants.
6. To subject to puddling, as of iron; form by puddling, as of metal.
7. To work a wet mixture, such as concrete or mud.

6. puzzle


1. To offer or represent to (as a person) a problem difficult to solve or a situation difficult to resolve; challenge mentally
2. To solve with difficulty or ingenuity
3. To be uncertain as to action or choice
4. To attempt a solution of a puzzle by guesswork or experiment

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