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vikati [ glagol ]

bawl [ glagol ]
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(Homonym: ball).
To cry loudly.
To shout loudly and without restraint; SYN. bellow.

halloo [ glagol ]
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To shout halloo.
To urge on with shouts, of dogs in a hunt.

call [ glagol ]
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To utter in a loud voice or announce
To order, request, or command to come; SYN. send for.
To send a message or attempt to reach someone by radio, phone, etc.; make a signal to in order to transmit a message
To order or request or give a command for
To declare in the capacity of an umpire or referee
To order or request for a specific duty or role
To read aloud to check for omissions or absentees
To ascribe a quality to or give a name that reflects a quality
To require the presentation of for redemption before maturation
1To stop or postpone because of adverse conditions, such as bad weather
1To call a meeting; invite or command to meet
1To utter a characteristic note or cry
1To challenge (somebody) to make good on a statement; charge with or censure for an offense
1To consider or regard as being
1To demand payment of, as of a loan; SYN. call in.
1To give the calls (to the dancers) for a square dance; SYN. call off.
1To indicate a decision in regard to (sports):
1To lure by imitating the characteristic call of an animal:

clamor [ glagol ]
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To compel someone to do something by insistent clamoring.
To make loud demands; SYN. clamour.
To utter or proclaim insistently and noisily; SYN. clamour.

clamour [ glagol ]
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To make a din
To become loudly insistent
To utter or proclaim insistently and noisily
To influence by means of clamor

cry [ glagol ]
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To shed tears because of sadness or pain; SYN. weep.
To utter a characteristic sound
To proclaim or announce in public; SYN. blazon out.
To demand immediate action
To bring into a particular state by crying

exclaim [ glagol ]
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To utter aloud; often with surprise, horror, or joy; SYN. cry, cry out, outcry, call out, shout.

hoop [ glagol ]
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To bind or fasten with a hoop.

noise [ glagol ]
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To talk much or loudly
To make a noise
To spread by rumor or report — usually used with about or abroad

shout [ glagol ]
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To utter a sudden loud cry; SYN. shout out, cry, call, yell, scream, holler, hollo, squall.
To utter in a loud voice; talk in a loud voice (usually denoting characteristic manner of speaking)

vocaferate [ glagol ]
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vociferate [ glagol ]
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ETYM Latin vociferatus, p. p. vociferari to vociferate; vox, vocis, voice + ferre to bear. Related to Voice, and Bear to carry.
To utter in a very loud voice; SYN. shout out.
To cry out with a loud voice; to bawl.
Shout loudly or repeatedly.

whoop [ glagol ]
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To shout, as if with joy or enthusiasm

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