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vetrenjača [ ženski rod ]

windcharger [ imenica ]
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windmill [ imenica ]
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A mill that is powered by the wind.
Extracts usable energy from winds; SYN. aerogenerator, wind generator.
Mill with sails or vanes that, by the action of wind upon them, drive machinery for grinding corn or pumping water, for example. Wind turbines, designed to use wind power on a large scale, usually have a propeller-type rotor mounted on a tall shell tower. The turbine drives a generator for producing electricity.
Windmills were used in the East in ancient times, and in Europe they were first used in Germany and the Netherlands in the 12th century. The main types of traditional windmill are the post mill, which is turned around a post when the direction of the wind changes, and the tower mill, which has a revolving turret on top. It usually has a device (fantail) that keeps the sails pointing into the wind. In the US windmills were used by the colonists and later a light type, with steel sails supported on a long steel girder shaft, was introduced for use on farms.

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