ukupno | srpsko - engleski prevod



1. all up


2. altogether


Sinonimi: all told | in all

ETYM Old Eng. altogedere; al all + togedere together. Related to Together.
With everything included or counted; SYN. all told, in all.

3. together


Sinonimi: assembled | in collaboration | unitedly

ETYM Old Eng. togedere, togidere, AS. tôgaedere, tôgaedre, tôgadere; tô to + gador together. Related to To, and Gather.
1. At the same time.
2. In contact with each other.
3. In one place; SYN. assembled.
4. With cooperation and interchange; SYN. in collaboration, unitedly.
In each other's company.

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