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1. concerned


Sinonimi: interested | implicated

1. Feeling or showing worry or solicitude.
2. Involved in or affected by or having a claim to or share in; SYN. interested.
3. In relation (or in regard) to; especially as in the phrases.
4. Culpably involved; SYN. implicated.

2. engaged


Sinonimi: meshed | intermeshed | occupied | betrothed

1. (Architecture) Built against or attached to a wall.
2. (Used of toothed parts or gears) Interlocked and interacting; SYN. meshed, intermeshed.
3. Having ones attention or mind or energy engaged; SYN. occupied.
4. Having services contracted for.
5. Involved in military hostilities.
6. Promised for marriage; SYN. betrothed.

3. inclusive


ETYM Cf. French inclusif.
Including much or everything; and especially including stated limits.

4. switched on


After you have changed the controls of an electrical or mechanical device to make it start producing or doing something, it is switched on. Switched off is the opposite of switched on. Turned on is similar to switched on.

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