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muški rod

Muškarac koji laska ženi.

1. carpet knight


A knight who spends his time in luxury and idleness (knighted on the carpet at court rather than on the field of battle).

2. courter


3. courtier


ETYM From Court.
An attendant at the court of a sovereign.

4. follower


ETYM Old Eng. folwere, AS. folgere.
1. An ordinary person who accepts the leadership of another.
2. Someone who travels behind or pursues another.

5. philanderer


Flirt, gallivanter, ladies' man, womanizer

6. spark


1. A small but noticeable trace of some quality that might become stronger
2. A small fragment of a burning substance thrown out by burning material or by friction.

7. wooer


ETYM AS. wôgere. Related to Woo.
One who wooes; one who courts or solicits in love; a suitor.

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