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Prevod reči: udati se

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udati se [ glagol ]

Stupiti u brak (žensko).

marry [ glagol ]
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(Homonym: merry).
To perform a marriage ceremony; SYN. wed, tie.
To take in marriage; SYN. get married, wed, conjoin, hook up with, get hitched with, espouse.
expression of surprised agreement.

pair [ glagol ]
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To form a pair or pairs; SYN. pair off, partner off, couple.

wed [ glagol ]
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To take for husband or for wife by a formal ceremony; to marry; to espouse.
To join in marriage; to give in wedlock.
(Figurative) To unite as if by the affections or the bond of marriage; to attach firmly or indissolubly.
To join together in a dissoluble bond.

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