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tup [ pridev ]

Nedovoljno naoštren.

blank [ pridev ]
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ETYM Old Eng. blank, blonc, blaunc, blaunche, from French blanc, fem. blanche, from Old High Germ. blanch shining, bright, white, German blank; akin to Eng. blink, cf. also AS. blanc white.
Not charged with a bullet.
Of a surface; not written or printed on; SYN. clean, white.
Void of expression.

blunt [ pridev ]
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ETYM Cf. Prov. German bludde a dull or blunt knife, Dan. blunde to sleep, Swed. and Icel. blunda; or perh. akin to Eng. blind.
Said of a knife or other blade; not sharp.
Having a broad or rounded end.
Devoid of any qualifications or disguise or adornment; SYN. crude, stark.
Characterized by disconcerting directness in manner or speech; without subtlety or evasion; SYN. candid, forthright, frank, free-spoken, outspoken, plainspoken, point-blank.

crass [ pridev ]
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ETYM Latin crassus thick, fat, gross, prob. orig., closely woven. Related to Grease animal fat, and cf. Crate, Hurdle.
(Of persons) So unrefined as to be lacking in discrimination and sensibility.

dubby [ pridev ]
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dull [ pridev ]
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Not having a sharp edge or point.
Blunted in responsiveness or sensibility.
Lacking in liveliness or animation.
Not clear and resonant; sounding as if striking with or against something relatively soft; SYN. thudding, thumping.
(Of business) Not active or brisk; SYN. slow, sluggish.
Not keenly felt.
(Of color) Very low in saturation; highly diluted.
Being or made softer or less loud or clear; SYN. muffled, muted, softened.
Darkened with overcast; SYN. gray, grey, leaden.
1Emitting or reflecting very little light.

obtuse [ pridev ]
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Lacking in insight or discernment; SYN. purblind.
Of a leaf shape; rounded at the apex.
Of an angle; between and 1degrees.

opaque [ pridev ]
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ETYM French, from Latin opacus. Related to Opacous.
Not clear; not transmitting or reflecting light or radiant energy.
Not clearly understood or expressed; SYN. unintelligible.
Not transparent; dark; stupid.

purbling [ pridev {arhaično, zastarelo} ]
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slow [ pridev ]
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(Homonym: sloe).
Not moving quickly; taking a comparatively long time.
(Music) At a slow tempo.
(Used of timepieces) Indicating a time earlier than the correct time.

woollen-witted [ pridev ]
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