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Prevod reči: torta

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torta [ ženski rod {kulinarstvo} ]

Velik, obično okrugao fin kolač (sa jajima, puterom, čokoladom, voćem, raznim likerima i dr.).

cake [ imenica {kulinarstvo} ]
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ETYM Old Eng. cake, kaak; akin to Dan. kage, Swed. and Icel. kaka, Dutch koek, German kuchen, Old High Germ. chuocho.
A block of soap or wax; SYN. bar.
Made from or based on a mixture of flour and sugar and eggs.

tart [ imenica {kulinarstvo} ]
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ETYM Old Eng. tarte, French tarte; perhaps originally the same word as tourte, Late Lat. torta, from Latin tortus, p. p. of torquere to twist, bend, wind, because tarts were originally made of a twisted shape. Related to Torture.
Small open pie.
A dish baked in a pastry shell; pie: as; a small pie or pastry shell without a top containing jelly, custard, or fruit; a small pie made of pastry folded over a filling.

pastry [ imenica ]
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A dough of flour and water and shortening; SYN. pastry dough.
Any of various baked foods made of dough or batter.
Baked dough made from flour, fat, water, and salt. It makes a useful base or container for soft, moist fillings, and is widely used for tarts, pies, quiches, and pasties. Richer pastries may include eggs, yeast, or sugar, or may use ground nuts instead of flour. Varieties include short pastry, flaky pastry, suet crust, filo, and choux. Puff pastry is made with a higher proportion of fat; its preparation involves repeated folding, which, with the fat, makes it flaky.

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