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tekući račun [ muški rod {finansije} ]

account current [ imenica ]
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checking account [ imenica {finansije} ]
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A bank account against which the depositor can drawn checks payable on demand.
A bank account against which the depositor can draw checks.

current account [ imenica ]
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That part of the balance of payments recording a nation's exports and imports of goods and services and transfer payments.
In economics, that part of the balance of payments concerned with current transactions, as opposed to capital movements. It includes trade (visibles) and service transactions, such as investment, insurance, shipping, and tourism (invisibles). The state of the current account is regarded as a barometer of overall economic health.
In some countries, such as Italy, Spain, and Portugal, visibles make a large contribution to the current account and may more than offset trade deficits.

drawing account [ imenica {finansije} ]
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An account showing payments made to an employee in advance of actual earnings or for traveling expenses.

running account [ imenica ]
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running bill [ imenica ]
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