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teg [ muški rod ]

Uteg (na vagi).

bob [ imenica ]
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ETYM An onomatopoetic word, expressing quick, jerky motion; Old Eng. bob bunch, bobben to strike, mock, deceive.
A hair style for women and children; a short haircut all around.
A hanging weight, especially a metal ball on a string.
A short abrupt inclination (as of the head).
A small float usually made of cork; attached to a fishing line; SYN. bobber, cork, bobfloat.

dumbbell [ imenica ]
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An exercising weight; two spheres connected by a short bar that serves as a handle.
An ignorant or foolish person; SYN. dummy, dope, boob, booby, pinhead. dumb-bell, dumb bell

plumb [ imenica ]
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A lead weight attached to a line and used to indicate a vertical direction

slug [ imenica ]
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ETYM Old Eng. slugge slothful, sluggen to be slothful; cf. LG. slukk low-spirited, sad, Eng. slack, slouch, Dutch slak, slek, a snail.
Obsolete unit of mass, equal to 14.6 kg/32.lb. It is the mass that will have an acceleration of one foot per second when under a force of one pound weight.
Unit of gravitational mass of approximately 32.1pounds.

weighting [ imenica ]
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