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Prevod reči: sumoran

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sumoran [ pridev ]

atrabilious [ pridev ]
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Irritable as if suffering from indigestion; SYN. bilious, dyspeptic, liverish.
Melancholy; splenetic; acrimonious
Very melancholic; hypochondriac.

bleakish [ pridev ]
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bleak [ pridev ]
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ETYM Old Eng. blac, bleyke, bleche, AS. blâc, blec, pale, wan; akin to Icel. bleikr, Swed. blek, Dan. bleg, OS. blaek, Dutch bleek, Old High Germ. pleih, German bleich; Skr. bhrâj to shine, and Eng. flame.
Unpleasantly cold and damp; SYN. cutting, raw.

cheerless [ pridev ]
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Lacking cheer; depressing; SYN. uncheerful.

dark [ pridev ]
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ETYM Old Eng. dark, derk, deork, as. dearc, deorc; cf. Gael. and Irish dorch, dorcha, dark, black, dusky.
(Used of color) Having a dark hue.
(Used of hair or skin or eyes) Brownish or black.
Devoid or partially devoid of light or brightness; shadowed or black or somber-colored.
Marked by difficulty of style or expression; SYN. obscure.
Not giving performances; closed.
Showing a brooding ill humor; SYN. dour, glowering, glum, moody, morose, saturnine, sour, sullen.

darksome [ pridev ]
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Gloomily somber; dark

dingy [ pridev ]
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Depressing in character or appearance; SYN. dismal, drab, drear, dreary, gloomy, sorry.

dismal [ pridev ]
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ETYM Formerly a noun; e.g., Chaucer.
Gloomy to the eye or ear; sorrowful and depressing to the feelings; foreboding; cheerless; dull; dreary.
Fatal; ill-omened; unlucky.

dolly-bag [ imenica ]
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dour [ pridev ]
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ETYM Cf. French dur, Latin durus hard.
Harshly uninviting or formidable in manner or appearance; SYN. forbidding, grim.

drear [ pridev ]
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dreary [ pridev ]
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Sorrowful; distressful.
Exciting cheerless sensations, feelings, or associations; comfortless; dismal; gloomy.

dreich [ pridev ]
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Chiefly Scottish; dreary

droopy [ pridev ]
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Drooping or tending to droop

drumlie [ pridev {arhaično, zastarelo} ]
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dull [ pridev ]
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Not having a sharp edge or point.
Blunted in responsiveness or sensibility.
Lacking in liveliness or animation.
Not clear and resonant; sounding as if striking with or against something relatively soft; SYN. thudding, thumping.
(Of business) Not active or brisk; SYN. slow, sluggish.
Not keenly felt.
(Of color) Very low in saturation; highly diluted.
Being or made softer or less loud or clear; SYN. muffled, muted, softened.
Darkened with overcast; SYN. gray, grey, leaden.
1Emitting or reflecting very little light.

dulsome [ pridev ]
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dun [ pridev ]
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ETYM AS. dunn, of Celtic origin; cf. W. dwn, Irish and Gael. donn.
(Homonym: done).
Of a dull grayish brown to brownish gray color.

gloomy [ pridev ]
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Characterized by hopelessness; filled with gloom; SYN. grim.

murky [ pridev ]
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So shaded as to be dark or gloomy; SYN. mirky.

sombre [ pridev ]
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So shaded as to be dark and gloomy
Of a serious mien; grave; of a dismal or depressing character; melancholy; conveying gloomy suggestions or ideas
Of a dull or heavy cast or shade; dark colored

subfusc [ pridev ]
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Devoid of brightness or appeal
Dusky drab

sullen [ pridev ]
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ETYM Old Eng. solein, solain, lonely, sullen; through Old French from (assumed) Late Lat. solanus solitary, from Latin solus alone. Related to Sole.
Gloomily angry and silent; cross; sour; affected with ill humor; morose.
Lonely; solitary; desolate.
Gloomy; dismal; foreboding.

wan [ pridev ]
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ETYM AS. wann, wonn, wan, won, dark, lurid, livid, perhaps originally, worn out by toil, from winnan to labor, strive. Related to Win.
Lacking vitality as from weariness or illness or unhappiness.

wistful [ pridev ]
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ETYM For wishful; perhaps influenced by wistly, which is probably corrupted from Old Eng. wisly certainly (from Icel. viss certain, akin to Eng. wit). Related to Wish.
Full of longing or unfulfilled desire; SYN. yearning.

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