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muški rod

1. damner


2. disapprover


3. judge


Sinonimi: justice | jurist | magistrate

ETYM Old Eng. juge, Old Fren. and French juge, from Old Fren. jugier, French juger, to judge.
A public official authorized to decide questions bought before a court of justice; SYN. justice, jurist, magistrate.
Person invested with power to hear and determine legal disputes.
In the US, the federal judiciary is chosen by executive appointments. It consists of Supreme Court justices, judges of the US district courts, magistrates, and administrative law judges. Similar offices exist at the state level with judges elected or appointed. There are also county and municipal judges elected to office.

4. referee

imenicapravo (nauka)

A quasi-judicial officer appointed by a court to take testimony or hear specified types of cases. These officials are sometimes called masters.
In science, one who reads and comments on a scientific paper before its publication, normally a scientist of at least equal standing to the author(s).

5. umpire


Sinonimi: ump

ETYM Old Eng. nompere, nounpere (also impier, from French impair uneven), from Old Fren. nomper uneven, French non-pair.
An official at a baseball game; SYN. ump.

sudija | srpsko - engleski prevod


muški rodsport

1. referee


Sinonimi: ref

(Sports) The chief official (as in boxing or American football) who is expected to ensure fair play; SYN. ref.

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