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1. competent


ETYM French compétent, p. pr. of compéter to be in the competency of, Late Lat. competere to strive after together, to agree with; hence, to be fit. Related to Compete.
1. Adequate for the purpose.
2. Properly or sufficiently qualified or capable or efficient.
3. Sufficiently skillful, knowledgeable, qualified, etc.; capable, effective.
4. Law, legally qualified; belonging by right (to).
5. Law, legal qualification or capacity; income, especially unearned, sufficient to live on; ability of embryonic tissue to react to external conditions.

2. proficient


Capable; able; skilled, well advanced in an art, occupation, or branch of knowledge

3. regular


Sinonimi: steady | veritable

ETYM Latin regularis, from regula a rule, from regere to guide, to rule: cf. French régulier. Related to Rule.
Of geometric figures, having all angles and sides equal. Also, of solids, having bases comprised of regular polygons.
1. Conforming to a standard or pattern.
2. In accordance with fixed order or procedure or principle.
3. Not deviating from what is normal.
4. In accord with regular practice or procedure.
5. Relating to a person who does something regularly; SYN. steady.
6. Regularly scheduled for fixed times.
7. Officially full-time.
8. (Used of the military) Belonging to or engaged in by legitimate army forces.
9. Often used as intensifiers; SYN. veritable.

4. vocational


Of or relation to a vocation or occupation; especially providing or undergoing training in special skills.

5. workmanlike


Worthy of a good workman.

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