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stisak ruke

muški rod

1. handclasp



2. handgrip


1. A grasping with the hand
2. Handle

3. handshake


Sinonimi: shake | handshaking | handclasp

Grasping and shaking a person's hand (as to acknowledge an introduction or to agree on a contract); SYN. shake, handshaking, handclasp.

4. handshaking


Method by which data is exchanged between devices only when each device has signalled that it is ready.

5. shake


Sinonimi: agitate | shake off | throw off | escape from

Unit of time equal to a hundred-millionth of a second, used in describing nuclear processes.
In music, an alternate name for trill, in which two adjacent notes rapidly alternate.
1. The act or result of shaking; a vacillating or wavering motion; a rapid motion one way and other; a trembling or quaking.
2. A fissure or crack in timber, caused by its being dried too suddenly.
3. A fissure in rock or earth.
4. A milkshake.

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