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starac [ muški rod ]

Matorac, star čovek, čovek u godinama.

ancient [ imenica ]
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An aged living being
A person who lived in ancient times: a plural; the civilized people of antiquity; especially; those of the classical nations; one of the classical authors
An ancient coin

aged gentlman [ imenica ]
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antediluvian [ imenica ]
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A very old (or old fashioned) person.
Any of the early patriarchs who lived prior to the Deluge; SYN. antediluvian patriarch.

elder [ imenica ]
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One living in an earlier period
One who is older; senior; an aged person
One having authority by virtue of age and experience
(religion) In the Presbyterian church, a lay member who assists the minister (or teaching elder) in running the church.
A person who is older than oneself; SYN. senior. Any of various church officers.

codger [ imenica ]
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Used affectionately to refer to an eccentric but amusing old man; SYN. old codger.

crone [ imenica ]
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ETYM OD. kronie, karonie, an old sheep, Old Fren. carogne, French charogne, carrion (also French carogne illnatured woman.). Related to Carrion, and Crony.
An old woman.

eld [ imenica ]
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Old age; late time of life; former days; antiquity

greybeard [ imenica ]
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Very old man

vecchio [ imenica ]
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whitebeard [ imenica ]
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An old man; graybeard

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