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štampati [ glagol ]

Tiskati, otiskivati, izdavati (knjige, listove itd.).

bring out [ glagol ]
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To bring out of some state, for example; SYN. let out.
To encourage to be less reserved, as of a shy person.
To take out of a container or enclosed space; SYN. get out.

edit [ glagol ]
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To edit; SYN. cut, edit out.
To make editorial changes (in a text); SYN. redact.

emprint [ glagol ]
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imprint [ glagol ]
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To establish or impress firmly in the mind; SYN. form.

print [ glagol ]
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To make into a print.
To put into print; SYN. publish.
To reproduce by printing; SYN. impress.
To write as if with print; not cursive.

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