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srazmerni deo [ muški rod ]

quota [ imenica ]
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ETYM Late Lat., from Latin quota (sc. pars), from quotus which or what in number, of what number, how many, from quot how many, akin to quis, qui, who: cf. Italian quota a share. Related to Who.
A limitation.
A prescribed number.
A proportional share assigned to each participant.
Due share; amount allowed to be imported from a certain country.
In international trade, a limitation on the amount of a commodity that may be exported, imported, or produced. Restrictions may be imposed forcibly or voluntarily.
The justification of quotas include protection of a home industry from an influx of cheap goods, prevention of a heavy outflow of goods (usually raw materials) because there are insufficient numbers to meet domestic demand, allowance for a new industry to develop before it is exposed to competition, or prevention of a decline in the world price of a particular commodity.
The European Union's Common Agricultural Policy has introduced quotas to limit the production of milk because rising herd yields and a trend toward a healthier low-fat diet have led to overproduction. Dairy farmers will not be paid for any milk produced above a set limit.

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