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Prevod reči: sprečiti

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sprečiti [ glagol ]

Onemogućiti, osujetiti, omesti.

avert [ glagol ]
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To turn away or aside; SYN. turn away.

balk [ glagol ]
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ETYM Prob. from Dutch balken to bray, bawl.
To stop at an obstacle and refuse to go on, usually out of fear.
(Baseball) To feign a pitch while runners are on base, usually in an attempt to draw a player off-base.

close the door on [ glagol ]
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close the door to [ glagol ]
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counteract [ glagol ]
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To oppose and mitigate the effects of by contrary actions; SYN. countervail, neutralize, counterbalance.

cumber [ glagol ]
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(archaic) Trouble, harass
To hinder or encumber by being in the way; to clutter up

debar [ glagol ]
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To prevent the occurrence of; prevent from happening; SYN. obviate, deflect, avert, head off, stave off, fend off, avoid, ward off.

delay [ glagol ]
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To act later than planned or scheduled.
To cause to be slowed down or delayed; SYN. detain, hold up.

detain [ glagol ]
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To keep back or from; to withhold.
To restrain from proceeding; to stay or stop; to delay.
To hold or keep in custody. SYN. To withhold; retain; stop; stay; arrest; check; retard; delay; hinder.

deter [ glagol ]
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To try to prevent; show opposition to:; SYN. discourage.

devance [ glagol ]
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disbar [ glagol ]
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To remove from the bar; expel from the practice of law by official action.

hamper [ glagol ]
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ETYM Old Eng. hamperen, hampren, prob. of the same origin as Eng. hamble.
To prevent the progress or free movement of; SYN. halter, cramp.

hinder [ glagol ]
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To keep back or behind; to prevent from starting or moving forward; to check; to retard.

inhibit [ glagol ]
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To prevent an occurrence. For example, to inhibit interrupts from an external device means to prevent the external device from sending any interrupts.
To limit the range or extent of.

obstruct [ glagol ]
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To block passage through; SYN. impede, occlude, jam, block, close up.
To hinder or prevent the progress or accomplishment of; SYN. blockade, block, hinder, stymie, stymy, embarrass.

obviate [ glagol ]
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To do away with; SYN. rid of, eliminate.
Anticipate and so avoid the need for.

preclude [ glagol ]
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To make impossible, esp. beforehand; SYN. rule out, close out.
Make impossible in advance.

prevent [ glagol ]
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To keep from happening of arising; have the effect of preventing; SYN. forestall, foreclose, preclude, forbid.
To prevent from doing something or being in a certain state; SYN. keep.

prohibit [ glagol ]
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To hinder; to obstruct; to prevent
To forbid by authority; to interdict

restrain [ glagol ]
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To hold back; SYN. encumber, cumber, constrain.
To keep under control; SYN. keep, keep back, hold back.
To close within bounds, limit or hold back from movement; SYN. confine, hold.

save [ glagol ]
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To avoid the spending or waste of
To bring into safety; SYN. carry through, pull through, bring through.
To feather one's nest; have a nest egg; SYN. lay aside, save up.
To make unnecessary an expenditure or effort; SYN. make unnecessary.
To spend less; buy at a reduced price.
To keep up and reserve for personal or special use:; SYN. preserve, conserve.

stave [ glagol ]
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To burst or force (a hole) into something; SYN. stave in.

shut the door on [ glagol ]
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shut the door to [ glagol ]
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trammel [ glagol ]
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To entangle, as in a net; to catch.
To confine; to hamper; to shackle.

withhold [ glagol {N/A} ]
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(Irregular preterit, past participle: withheld).
To hold back; refuse to hand over; SYN. keep back.
To retain and refrain from disbursing; of payments; SYN. deduct, recoup.
Not give or grant; restrain; deduct; refrain (from).

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