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Prevod reči: spavacica

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spavaćica [ ženski rod ]

bedgown [ imenica {odevanje} ]
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nightgown [ imenica {odevanje} ]
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A loose dress designed to be worn in bed by women; SYN. nightie, night-robe, nightdress. night-gown

nightie [ imenica {odevanje} ]
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A nightgown for a woman or child

nighties [ N/A ]
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spavačica [ ženski rod ]

sleeper [ imenica ]
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ETYM Cf. Norw. sleip a sleeper (a timber), as adj, slippery, smooth. Related to Slape.
A person who is sleeping; SYN. slumberer.
Tropical fish that resembles a goby and rests quietly on the bottom in shallow water; SYN. sleeper goby.

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