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skener [ muški rod {računari} ]

Uređaj koji elektronski "preslikava" odštampani tekst ili slike u računar. Postoje tri vrste skenera: stoni, ručni i skener sa valjkom. Stoni skeneri mogu odjednom da očitaju celu jednu stranu; ručni skeneri mogu da očitaju trake širine približno 4 inča; skeneri sa valjkom su profesionalni uređaji, pa ako nemate pozamašan keš u slamarici, bolje zaboravite na njih.

scanner [ imenica {računari} ]
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Device, usually electronic, used to sense and reproduce an image.
Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) was being used in 19to tell stale food from fresh: the image of a fresh vegetable is different from that of one frozen and thawed.A device that scans automatically for some signal or condition.
An optical input device that uses light-sensing equipment to capture an image on paper or some other subject. The image is translated into a digital signal that can then be manipulated by optical character recognition (OCR) software or graphics software. Scanners come in a number of types, including flatbed (scan head passes over a stationary subject), feed (subject is pulled across a stationary scan head), drum (subject is rotated around a stationary scan head), and handheld (user passes device over a stationary subject).
In computing, a device that can produce a digital image of a document for input and storage in a computer. It uses technology similar to that of a photocopier. Small scanners can be passed over the document surface by hand; larger versions have a flat bed, like that of a photocopier, on which the input document is placed and scanned.
Scanners are widely used to input graphics for use in desktop publishing. If text is input with a scanner, the image captured is seen by the computer as a single digital picture rather than as separate characters. Consequently, the text cannot be processed by, for example, a word processor unless suitable optical character-recognition software is available to convert the image to its constituent characters. Scanners vary in their resolution, typical hand-held scanners ranging from to 3dpi. Types include flat-bed, drum, and overhead.

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