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Prevod reči: skakutati

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skakutati [ glagol ]

Pomalo skakati.

cavort [ glagol ]
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To engage in libidinous behavior.
To prance ostentatiously; -- said of a horse or his rider.

hoop [ glagol ]
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To bind or fasten with a hoop.

jig [ glagol ]
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To dance a jig.

lop [ glagol ]
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To cut off at the top or extreme part of anything
To cut off any superfluous element

skip [ glagol ]
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To move or proceed with leaps and bounds or with a skip; to bound off one point after another; ricochet
To leave hurriedly or secretly
To pass over or omit an interval, item, or step; to omit a grade in school in advancing to the next; misfire
To pass over without notice or mention; omit; to pass by or leave out (a step in a progression or series)
To cause to skip (a grade in school); to cause to bound or skim over a surface
To leap over lightly and nimbly
To depart from quickly and secretly; to fail to attend or participate in
To bound off one point after another; SYN. bound off.

trip [ glagol ]
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To actuate or activate; SYN. actuate, trigger, activate, set off, spark off, spark, trigger off, touch off.
To cause to stumble; SYN. trip up.
To get high, stoned, or drugged; SYN. trip out, turn on, get off.

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