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sečivo [ imenica ]

Oštrica alatki za sečenje.

blade [ imenica ]
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ETYM Old Eng. blade, blad, AS. blaed leaf; akin to OS., Dutch, Dan., and Swed. blad, Icel. blath, Old High Germ. blat, German blatt, and perh. to Latin folium, Greek phyllon. Related to Blow to blossom, and cf. Foil leaf of metal.
A broad flat body part (as of the shoulder or tongue).
The part of the skate that slides on the ice.
The flat part of a tool or weapon that (usually) has a cutting edge.
Something long and thin resembling a blade of grass.
Flat surface that rotates and pushes against air or water; SYN. vane.
Especially a leaf of grass or the broad portion of a leaf as distinct from the petiole; SYN. leaf blade.
A dashing young man.
A cut of beef from the shoulder blade.

chisel [ imenica ]
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ETYM Old Fren. chisel, French ciseau, from Late Lat. cisellus, prob. for caesellus, from Latin caesus, p. p. of caedere to cut. Related to Scissors.
A hand tool with a flat steel blade with a cutting edge.

cutting edge [ imenica ]
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A sharp effect or quality
The foremost part or place; vanguard

edge [ imenica ]
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ETYM Old Eng. eg, egge, AS. ecg; akin to Old High Germ. ekka, German ecke, Icel. and Swed. egg, Dan. eg, and to Latin acies, Greek ake point, Skr. açri edge. Related to Egg, Eager, Ear spike of corn, Acute.
A sharp side formed by the intersection of two surfaces of an object.
A slight competitive advantage.
A strip near the boundary of an object; SYN. margin.
The attribute of urgency; SYN. sharpness.
The boundary of a surface; SYN. border.

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