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rukohvat stepeništa [ muški rod ]

banister [ imenica ]
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ETYM A corruption of baluster.
A hand rail along a stairway, including its supports.
A stringed musical instrument having a head and neck like the guitar, and its body like a tambourine. It has five strings, and is played with the fingers and hands.

bannister [ imenica ]
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At side of staircase or balcony to prevent people from falling; SYN. banister, balustrade, balusters, handrail.

barrister [ imenica ]
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ETYM From Bar.
In the UK, a lawyer qualified by study at the Inns of Court to plead for a client in court. In Scotland such lawyers are called advocates. Barristers also undertake the writing of opinions on the prospects of a case before trial. They act for clients through the intermediary of solicitors. In the US an attorney may serve the functions of barrister and solicitor.
A British lawyer who speaks in the higher courts of law.

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