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[Rosa gallica] Vrsta cveta.

1. avens


ETYM Old Fren. avence.
Any of various perennials of the genus Geum having usually pinnate basal leaves and variously colored flowers.
Any of several low-growing plants of the genus Geum, family Rosaceae. Species are distributed throughout Eurasia and N Africa.
Mountain avens Dryas octopetala belongs to a different genus and grows in mountain and arctic areas of Eurasia and North America. A creeping perennial, it has white flowers with yellow stamens.

2. burnet


dark brown; dark woollen cloth
Herb Sanguisorba minor of the rose family, also known as salad burnet. It smells of cucumber and can be used in salads. The term is also used for other members of the genus Sanguisorba.

3. rose


ETYM as. rose, Latin rosa: cf. French rose, from the Latin.
Any shrub or climber of the genus Rosa, family Rosaceae, with prickly stems and fragrant flowers in many different colors. Numerous cultivated forms have been derived from the Eurasian sweetbrier or eglantine r. rubiginosa and dogrose r. canina. There are many climbing varieties, but the forms more commonly cultivated are bush roses and standards (cultivated roses grafted on to a briar stem).
Thousands of new rose varieties are created every year by fertilizing a particular plant with pollen from another desirable plant, and growing the resultant seeds. When the young plant produces buds they are removed and grafted on to disease-resistant rootstock. Only a small proportion of new varieties produced by growers are introduced to the market.
1. A dusty pink color.
2. Any of many plants of the genus Rosa.

4. water elder


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