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realni broj

muški rodmatematika

Svaka vrednost, obično ona koja ima i decimalni deo. Za razliku od toga, postoje celi brojevi, koji nemaju nikakve razlomke niti decimale.

1. real number



1. A number that can be represented in a number system with a given base, such as the decimal system, by a finite or infinite sequence of digits and a radix point. For example, 1.1 is a real number, as is 0.33333.... See also irrational number. Compare complex number, imaginary number.
2. A data type, in a programming language such as Pascal, that is used for storing, to some limit of precision, values that include both integer and fractional parts. See also double-precision, single-precision. Compare floating-point number, integer.
Any rational or irrational number; In mathematics, any of the rational numbers (which include the integers) or irrational numbers. Real numbers exclude imaginary numbers, found in complex numbers of the general form a + bi where i = Ö-1, although these do include a real component. SYN. real.

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