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1. albumen


ETYM Latin, from albus white.
White of egg; substance surrounding embryo in seed.
1. The white of an egg.
2. Nourishing matter stored up within the integuments of the seed in many plants, but not incorporated in the embryo. It is the floury part in corn, wheat, and like grains, the oily part in poppy seeds, etc.
3. Same as Albumin.

2. albumin


Sinonimi: albumen

Protein forming chief constituent of animal and plant tissues.
Any of a group of sulfur-containing proteins. The best known is in the form of egg white; others occur in milk, and as a major component of serum. Many vegetables and fluids also contain albumins. They are soluble in water and dilute salt solutions, and are coagulated by heat.
The presence of albumin in the urine, termed albuminuria or proteinuria, may be a symptom of a kidney disorder.
A simple water-soluble protein found in many animal tissues and liquids; SYN. albumen.

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