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Prevod reči: radna povrsina

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radna površina [ ženski rod ]

desktop [ imenica ]
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The top of a desk.

work surface [ imenica ]
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A horizontal surface for supporting objects used in working or playing games.

working surface [ imenica ]
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working top [ imenica ]
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worktop [ imenica ]
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Table or other flat surface used for working at

radna površina [ ženski rod {računari} ]

Pozadina koja se pojavljuje u operativnim sistemima sa grafičkim okruženjem.

desktop [ imenica {računari} ]
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An on-screen work area that uses icons and menus to simulate the top of a desk. A desktop is characteristic of the Apple Macintosh and of windowing programs such as Microsoft Windows. Its intent is to make a computer easier to use by enabling users to move pictures of objects and to start and stop tasks in much the same way as they would if they were working on a physical desktop. See also graphical user interface.
In computing, a graphical representation of file systems, in which applications and files are represented by pictures (icons), which can be triggered by a single or double click with a mouse button. Such a graphical user interface can be compared with the command line interface, which is character-based.

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