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muški rod

1. smoker


Sinonimi: smoking car | smoking carriage | smoking compartment | tobacco user

Or hydrothermal vent; Crack in the ocean floor, associated with an ocean ridge, through which hot, mineral-rich ground water erupts into the sea, forming thick clouds of suspended material. The clouds may be dark or light, depending on the mineral content, thus producing “white smokers” or “black smokers”.
Sea water percolating through the sediments and crust is heated in the active area beneath and dissolves minerals from the hot rocks.
As the charged water is returned to the ocean, the sudden cooling causes these minerals to precipitate from solution, so forming the suspension. The chemical-rich water around a smoker gives rise to colonies of bacteria, and these form the basis of food chains that can be sustained without sunlight and photosynthesis. Strange animals that live in such regions include huge tube worms 2 m/6 ft long, giant clams, and species of crab, anemone, and shrimp found nowhere else.
1. A car for passengers who wish to smoke; SYN. smoking car, smoking carriage, smoking compartment.
2. A person who smokes tobacco; SYN. tobacco user.

2. whiffer


3. whiffler


1. A person who frequently changes opinions or course
2. A person who uses shifts and evasions in argument
3. Official who clears way for a procession.

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