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psihički [ pridev ]

Duhovni, duševni, koji se tiče duše. (grč.)

endopsychic [ pridev ]
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mental [ pridev ]
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Of or relating to the mind
Involving the mind or an intellectual process
Affected by a disorder of the mind
(Biology) Of or relating to the chin- or lip-like structure in insects and certain mollusks.
Of or relating to the chin

psychical [ pridev ]
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psychic [ pridev ]
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ETYM Latin psychicus, Greek, from psyche the soul, mind; cf. French psychique.
Affecting or influenced by the human mind; SYN. psychical.
Outside the sphere of physical science; SYN. psychical.
Pertaining to forces or mental processes outside the possibilities defined by natural or scientific laws; SYN. psychical.

psychological [ pridev ]
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Mental or emotional as opposed to physical in nature
Of or relating to or determined by psychology

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