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Prevod reči: pružiti

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pružiti [ glagol ]

Dati, uručiti.

afford [ glagol ]
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To afford access to; SYN. open, give onto.
To be able to spare or give up.
To have the financial means to do something or buy something.
Be the cause or source of

give [ glagol {N/A} ]
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To make a present of
To grant or bestow by formal action
To accord or yield to another
To put into the possession of another for his or her use
To administer as a sacrament
To commit to another as a trust or responsibility and usually for an expressed reason; to transfer from one's authority or custody
To offer to the action of another; proffer
To yield (oneself) to a man in sexual intercourse
To present in public performance
1To present to view or observation
1To provide by way of entertainment
1To propose as a toast
1To designate as a share or portion; allot
1To yield as a product, consequence, or effect; produce
1To deliver by some bodily action
1To offer for consideration, acceptance, or use
1To suffer the loss of; sacrifice

maintain [ glagol ]
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To keep in an existing state (as of repair, efficiency, or validity); preserve from failure or decline
To sustain against opposition or danger; uphold and defend
To continue or persevere in; carry on, keep up
To support or provide for; sustain
To affirm in or as if in argument; assert
To state or assert; SYN. defend.

render [ glagol ]
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To deliver or hand down (said of a verdict), by a jury; SYN. deliver, return.
To cause to become
To give back; SYN. return.
To give or supply; SYN. yield, return, give, generate.
To present formally; SYN. submit.

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