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Prevod reči: prskanje

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prskanje [ imenica ]

Prskut, prsak.

affusion [ imenica ]
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Pouring liquid on, especially in baptismal ceremony or as medical treatment.
ETYM Cf. French affusion.
The act of baptizing someone by pouring water on their head; SYN. pouring.

aspersion [ imenica ]
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ETYM Latin aspersio, from aspergere: cf. French aspersion.
A disparaging remark; SYN. slur.
The act of defaming; SYN. calumny, slander, defamation.
The act of sprinkling water in baptism (rare); SYN. sprinkling.

douche [ imenica ]
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ETYM French, from Italian doccia, from docciare to flow, pour, from an assumed Late Lat. ductiare, from Latin ducere, ductum, to lead, conduct (water). Related to Duct.
A small syringe with detachable nozzles; used for vaginal lavage and enemas; SYN. douche bag.
Irrigation with a jet of water or medicated solution into or around a body part (especially the vagina) to treat infections or cleanse from odorous contents.

spill [ imenica ]
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ETYM andradic;17Related to Spell a splinter.
A sudden drop from an upright position; SYN. tumble, fall.
Liquid that is spilled.
The act of allowing a fluid to escape; SYN. spillage, release.

splash [ imenica ]
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The act of scattering water about haphazardly; SYN. splashing.
The sound like water splashing; SYN. plash.

sprinkle [ imenica ]
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Watering with a sprinkler; SYN. sprinkling.

sputter [ imenica ]
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An utterance (of words) with spitting sounds (as in rage); SYN. splutter.

spatter [ imenica ]
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The act of splashing a (liquid) substance on a surface; SYN. spattering, splash, splashing, splattering.
The noise of something spattering or sputtering explosively; SYN. spattering, splatter, splattering, sputter, splutter, sputtering.

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