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Prevod reči: prolaziti

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prolaziti [ glagol ]

dree [ glagol ]
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(Scottish) endure. dree one’s weird, endure one’s fate; “grin and bear it”.To endure or withstand.

flow [ glagol ]
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To be abundantly present.
To cause to flow.
To cover or swamp with water.
To move or progress freely as if in a stream.

go through [ glagol ]
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To accomplish; as, to go through a work.
To suffer; to endure to the end; as, to go through a surgical operation or a tedious illness.
To spend completely; to exhaust.
To sort through.

pass as [ glagol ]
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pass away [ glagol ]
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To go out of existence

waste [ glagol ]
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To use inefficiently or inappropriately
To get rid of
To run off as waste:; SYN. run off.
To spend thoughtlessly; throw away; SYN. blow, squander.
To cause to grow thin or weak; SYN. emaciate, macerate.
To waste away; SYN. rot.

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