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Prevod reči: produziti

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produžiti [ glagol ]

carry forward [ glagol ]
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continue [ glagol ]
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To carry forward; SYN. persist in.
To continue a certain state, condition, or activity; SYN. go on, proceed, go along, keep on, keep.
To continue after an interruption.
To keep or maintain in unaltered condition; cause to remain or last; SYN. uphold, carry on, bear on, preserve.
To exist over a prolonged period of time.
To continue to speak: he continued,; SYN. go on, carry on, proceed.

detract [ glagol ]
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To take credit or reputation from; to defame.
To take away; to withdraw.

dilate [ glagol ]
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To become wider; SYN. distend.
1 archaic; to describe or set forth at length or in detail
To enlarge or expand in bulk or extent; distend, widen
To comment at length; discourse — usually used with on or upon
To become wide; swell

elongate [ glagol ]
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To make long or longer by pulling and stretching; SYN. stretch.

extend [ glagol ]
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To expand the influence of; SYN. expand.
To increase in quantity or bulk by adding a cheaper substance; SYN. stretch.
To make available; provide; SYN. offer.
To open or straighten out; unbend.
To prolong the time allowed for payment of.
To reach outward in space; SYN. stick out, poke out, reach out.

go ahead [ glagol ]
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To continue; SYN. plow ahead.

lengthen [ glagol ]
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To become long or longer.
To make longer.

let down [ glagol ]
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To disappoint someone by failing to perform as expected

prolong [ glagol ]
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To lengthen in time; cause to be or last longer:; SYN. protract, extend, draw out.
To lengthen or extend in duration or space; SYN. sustain, keep up.

prorogue [ glagol ]
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To adjourn by royal prerogative; without dissolving the legislative body.
To discontinue meetings of a group without dissolving it
End session (of Parliament); postpone (meeting).

protract [ glagol ]
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To draw out or lengthen in time; to continue; to prolong
To put off to a distant time; to delay; to defer
To draw to a scale; to lay down the lines and angles of, with scale and protractor; to plot.
To extend; to protrude

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