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muški rod

1. accession


Sinonimi: assenting | addition | rise to power

ETYM Latin accessio, from accedere: cf. French accession. Related to Accede.
1. Agreeing with; SYN. assenting.
2. Something added to what one has already; SYN. addition.
3. The act of attaining a new office or right; SYN. rise to power.
4. The act of entering upon or attaining to a position or right.

2. accretion


Sinonimi: accumulation

ETYM Latin accretio, from accrescere to increase. Related to Crescent, Increase, Accrue.
Accumulation; addition of parts to form a whole; growth, especially by addition from outside.
1. An increase by natural growth or addition; SYN. accumulation.
2. Something contributing to growth or increase

3. afflux

imenicaarhaično, zastarelo

A flowing towards; that which flows to; as, an afflux of blood to the head

4. affluxion


5. betterment


An improvement that adds to the value of a property or facility.

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