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praksa [ ženski rod ]

Rad, vršenje, obavljanje nekog rada; vičnost, izvežbanost, iskusnost (supr. teorija); sve mušterije nekog trgovca; svi pacijenti jednog lekara; svi klijenti jednog advokata; prav. uobičajeni način rada u sudu. (grč.)

course [ imenica ]
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ETYM French cours, course, Latin cursus, from currere to run. Related to Current.
(Homonym: coarse).
A mode of action.
General line of orientation; SYN. trend.
Part of a meal served at one time.
Education imparted in a series of lessons or class meetings; SYN. course of study, course of instruction, class.
A layer of masonry; SYN. row.
A connected series of events or actions or developments; or; SYN. line.

exercise [ imenica ]
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ETYM French exercice, Latin exercitium, from exercere, exercitum, to drive on, keep, busy, prob. orig., to thrust or drive out of the inclosure; ex out + arcere to shut up, inclose. Related to Ark.
The activity of exerting one's muscles in various was to keep fit; SYN. exercising, physical exercise, physical exertion, workout.
Systematic training by multiple repetitions; SYN. practice, drill, practice session.
A task performed or problem solved in order to develop skill or understanding; SYN. example.
(Usually plural) A ceremony that involves processions and speeches.

practice [ imenica ]
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ETYM Old Eng. praktike, practique, French pratique, formerly also, practique, Late Lat. practica, from Greek, practical. Related to Practical, Pratique, Pretty.
Period of exercise to develop a skill; condition of having such a skill through exercise; application of a skill, etc. as opposed to theory; customary action or proceeding; procedure; professional business and clientele of a doctor, lawyer, etc. (as distinct from practice).
A customary way of operation or behavior; SYN. pattern.
Knowledge of how something is customarily done.
The exercise of a profession.
Translating an idea into action.
An activity dedicated to repetition and improvement of a skill.

usage [ imenica ]
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ETYM French usage, Late Lat. usaticum. Related to Use.
The act of using; mode of using or treating; treatment; conduct with respect to a person or a thing.
Manners; conduct; behavior.
Long-continued practice; customary mode of procedure; custom; habitual use; method.
Customary use or employment, as of a word or phrase in a particular sense or signification.

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