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praćka [ ženski rod ]

Ručna naprava za bacanje kamena.

catapult [ imenica ]
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ETYM Latin catapulta, Greek, prob. from kata down + pallein to shake, hurl.
Y-shaped stick with elastic between the arms; used to propel small stones; SYN. sling, slingshot.
An ancient heavy war engine for hurling large stones; SYN. bricole, onager.
Launches aircraft from a warship; SYN. launcher.

sling [ imenica ]
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A wide piece of cloth hanging from around the neck to support an injured arm.
An instrument for throwing stones that usually consists of a short strap with strings fastened to its ends and is whirled round to discharge its missile by centrifugal force; slingshot
A usually looped line (as of strap, chain, or rope) used to hoist, lower, or carry something; especially; a hanging bandage suspended from the neck to support an arm or hand; a chain or rope attached to a lower yard at the middle and passing around a mast near the masthead to support a yard; a chain hooked at the bow and stern of a boat for lowering or hoisting; a device (as a rope net) for enclosing material to be hoisted by a tackle or crane
A slinging or hurling of or as if of a missile

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