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pršljen [ muški rod ]

disk [ imenica ]
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ETYM Latin discus, Greek diskos. Related to Dish.
A thin flat circular plate; SYN. disc.
Something with a round shape like a flat circular plate; SYN. disc, saucer.

vertebra [ imenica {N/A} ]
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ETYM Latin vertebra, from vertere to turn, change. Related to Verse.
Segment of backbone.
One of the bony segments of the spinal column.

vertebre [ imenica ]
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whorl [ imenica ]
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A drum-shaped section on the lower part of a spindle in spinning or weaving machinery serving as a pulley for the tape drive that rotates the spindle
An arrangement of similar anatomical parts (as leaves) in a circle around a point on an axis
Something that whirls, coils, or spirals or whose form suggests such movement; swirl
One of the turns of a univalve shell
A fingerprint in which the central papillary ridges turn through at least one complete circle

pršljen [ muški rod {botanika} ]

morina longifolia [ imenica {botanika} ]
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nepalese plant [ imenica {botanika} ]
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teasel [ imenica {botanika} ]
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ETYM Old Eng. tesel, AS. taesel, taesl, the fuller's herb. Related to Tease.
Any of several herbs of the genus Dipsacus native to the Old World having flower heads surrounded by spiny bracts; SYN. teazel, teasle.
Brush with hooked bits used in napping cloth.
Erect, prickly, biennial herb Dipsacus fullonum, family Dipsacaceae, native to Eurasia. The dry, spiny seed heads were once used industrially to tease, or raise the nap of, cloth.

whorl-flower [ imenica {botanika} ]
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