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muški rod


1. avocation


Sinonimi: by-line | hobby | sideline | spare-time activity

ETYM Latin avocatio.
An auxiliary activity; SYN. by-line, hobby, sideline, spare-time activity.
Hobby; vocation.

2. beck


ETYM Old Eng. bek, AS. becc; akin to Icel. bekkr brook, Old High Germ. pah, German bach.
A beckoning gesture.
A natural stream of water normally smaller than and often tributary to a river.

3. biddance


4. call


Sinonimi: claim | phone call | telephone call

(Homonym: caul, col).
1. Brief visit in an official or professional capacity.
2. A brief social visit.
3. A demand especially in the phrase; SYN. claim.
4. A demand for a show of hands in a card game.
5. A request.
6. A telephone connection; SYN. phone call, telephone call.

5. call up


An order to report for military duty. call-up

6. calling


1. The act of one who calls; a crying aloud, esp. in order to summon, or to attract the attention of, some one.
2. A summoning or convocation, as of Parliament.
3. A divine summons or invitation; also, the state of being divinely called.
4. One's usual occupation, or employment; vocation; business; trade.
5. Title; appellation; name.

7. career


Sinonimi: life history | calling | vocation

ETYM French carričre race course, high road, street, from Latin carrus wagon. Related to Car.
1. The general progression of one's working or professional life; SYN. life history.
2. The particular occupation for which one is trained; SYN. calling, vocation.

8. citation


Sinonimi: credit | reference | mention | quotation | commendation

ETYM French citation, Late Lat. citatio, fromL. citare to cite. Related to Cite.
1. A short note acknowledging a source of information or quoting a passage; SYN. credit, reference, mention, quotation.
2. A summons that commands the appearance of a party at a proceeding.
3. An official award (as for bravery or service) usually given as formal public statement; SYN. commendation.
4. Summons; quotation; enumeration.

9. ditement


10. engagement


Sinonimi: booking | mesh | meshing | interlocking | participation | involvement

ETYM Cf. French engagement.
1. A job for performers or performing groups that lasts for a limited period of time; SYN. booking.
2. Contact by fitting together; SYN. mesh, meshing, interlocking.
3. Sharing the activities of a group; SYN. participation, involvement.
4. The period preceding marriage after the couple has become engaged.

11. invitation


ETYM Latin invitatio: cf. French invitation. Related to Invite.
1. A formal request to participate or be present.
2. The act of enticing or alluring.

12. mission


Sinonimi: charge | commission | military mission | missionary post | missionary station | foreign mission | missionary work

ETYM Latin missio, from mittere, missum, to send: cf. French mission. Related to Missile.
1. A task that has been assigned to a person or group; SYN. charge, commission.
2. An operation that is assigned by a higher headquarters; SYN. military mission.
3. An organization of missionaries in a foreign land sent to carry on religious work; SYN. missionary post, missionary station, foreign mission.
4. The organized work of a religious missionary; SYN. missionary work.

13. monition


Caution; warning, especially legal.

14. process


Sinonimi: outgrowth | appendage | cognitive process | operation | cognitive operation | act

ETYM French procčs, Latin processus. Related to Proceed.
(Irregular plural: processes).
1. A natural prolongation or projection from a part of an organism either animal or plant; SYN. outgrowth, appendage.
2. A sustained phenomenon or one marked by gradual changes.
3. The performance of some composite cognitive activity; an operation that affects mental contents; SYN. cognitive process, operation, cognitive operation, act.

15. profession


Sinonimi: community

ETYM French, from Latin professio. Related to Profess.
1. Affirmation of acceptance of some religion or faith.
2. An occupation requiring special education (especially in the liberal arts or sciences).
3. The body of people in a learned occupation; SYN. community.

16. standing


1. Social or financial or professional status or reputation:
2. The act of assuming or maintaining an erect upright position.

17. summons

imenicapravo (nauka)

Sinonimi: process

ETYM Old Eng. somouns, Old Fren. sumunse, semonse, semonce, French semonce, semondre to summon, Old Fren. p. p. semons. Related to Summon.
In law, a court order officially delivered, requiring someone to appear in court on a certain date.
1. A writ issued by authority of law; usually compels the defendant's attendance in a civil suit; failure to appear results in a default judgment against the defendant; SYN. process.
2. An order to appear in person at a given place and time.

18. vocation


ETYM Latin vocatio a bidding, invitation, from vocare to call, from vox, vocis, voice: cf. French vocation. Related to Vocal.
1. Destined or appropriate employment; calling; occupation; trade; business; profession.
2. A calling by the will of God or some other higher being.

19. walk


Sinonimi: walking | manner of walking | walkway | paseo | sidewalk

(Homonym: wok).
1. The act of traveling by foot; SYN. walking.
2. The act of walking somewhere.
3. Manner of walking; SYN. manner of walking.
4. A slow gait of a horse in which two feet are always on the ground.
5. A path set aside for walking; SYN. walkway, paseo, sidewalk.

20. walk in life


21. walk of life


Sinonimi: walk

Careers in general; SYN. walk.

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muški rodračunari

Programerski izraz koji opisuje privremeni prenos kontrole izvršavanja programa sa glavnog programa na potprogram, i ponovno vraćanje.

1. call


In a program, an instruction or statement that transfers program execution to some section of code, such as a subroutine, to perform a specific task. Once the task is performed, program execution resumes at the calling point in the program. See also calling sequence.
(Computer Science) An instruction that interrupts the program being executed

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