povređen | srpsko - engleski prevod



1. affected


Sinonimi: unnatural | stirred | touched

1. Acted upon; influenced.
2. Speaking or behaving in an artificial way to make an impression; SYN. unnatural.
3. Emotionally affected; SYN. stirred, touched.

2. aggrieved


Sinonimi: injured

Subjected to an injustice; SYN. injured.

3. hurted


4. injury


Sinonimi: accidental injury | hurt | harm | trauma

ETYM Old Eng. injurie, Latin injuria, from injurius injurious, wrongful, unjust; pref. in- not + jus, juris, right, law, justice: cf. French injure. Related to Just.
1. An accident that results in physical damage or hurt; SYN. accidental injury.
2. An act that injures someone.
3. Any physical damage to the body; SYN. hurt, harm, trauma.

5. vulnerable


ETYM Latin vulnerabilis wounding, injurious, from vulnerare to wound, vulnus a wound.
1. Capable of being wounded or hurt.
2. Susceptible to attack.
3. Susceptible to criticism or persuasion or temptation.

6. wounded


Injured, hurt by, or suffering from a wound

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